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      The woman bit her lip.As he laid her on the bed, and bending over, kissed her not once only, and looked into her eyes, something cooking in front of the fire began to fizz. She looked beyond him at it, and laughedthe laugh of a happy child.

      The man shook his head for denial, and his kindly twinkle commanded the belief of all. Not a glint in it showed that his next response, however well-meant, was to be a lie.Esmeralda smiled coldly.

      "Section," repeated each chief of section, "right wheel--"

      She was not alone, he said. Mother Melinda was with her. They can both use a revolver as well as you or I. Esmeralda is a dead shot. He glanced at the weapons on the wall of the hut. She must have been lured outside, and they must have taken her suddenly by some trick, and before she could utter a cry; for, if she had shouted, some one would have heard her.

      This is my father, Miss Chetwynde, said Trafford, taking him up to her.

      "Adolphe has habits," he meditated, "but success is not one of them."


      As they approached the hut, Varley took hold of Normans bridle.Varleys face was quite impassive, and he swung one leg in a languid, meditative way.


      Yes, yes, he assented, nodding. It shall be done, my dear; anything that will give you pleasure and amuse you.The small lady gave the blunderer a grave, brief, now-you-have-done-it glance and looked down. "Well, I know," she measuredly said, "that a man who can tell a woman that, isn't capable of loving her half enough." She turned to go back, with a quickness which, I avow, was beautifully and tenderly different from irritation, yet which caused her petticoat's frail embroidery to catch on one of his spurs and cling till the whole laughing bevy had gathered round to jest over Flora's disentanglement of it.