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      "Good-night, all!" cried Hilary, mounting. He wheeled, swung his cap and galloped.

      It could not be helped, she said, almost huskily. It is fatefate. You are lost to me forever now, Traffordforever! The words have rung in my ears all day! Ah, God, what I have suffered! She put her hand to her lips as if to stifle the cry of anguish, and her fingers tightened upon his arm. You will never know, never understand, for a mans love, even at its best and fiercest, is not like a womans!

      All women should be beautiful, said Lord Selvaine.


      But where were old friends and battery sisters? All estranged. Could not the Callenders go to them and explain? Explain! A certain man of not one-fifth their public significance or "secesh" record, being lightly asked on the street if he had not yet "taken the oath" and as lightly explaining that he "wasn't going to," had, fame said, for that alone, been sent to Ship Island--where Anna "already belonged," as the commanding general told the three gentle refusers of the oath, while in black letters on the whited wall above his judgment seat in the custom-house they read, "No distinction made here between he and she adders."

      Esmeralda went to her room that night with her head throbbing and her heart aching. The sight of Trafford bending over Lady Ada at the piano had almost driven her mad; it had made her quite desperate, and the laughter and applause with which she had encouraged Norman had something of[213] recklessness in it. She did not acknowledge to herself that she had meant to play him against Lady Ada; to show Trafford that, if he did not love his wife, there was some one else who did, but she knew the effect she had produced, and the remembrance of Lady Adas smile of comprehension stung her as she tore off her jewels. The sight of them filled her with loathing. They were so magnificent that every one who saw them upon her must be reminded of the fact that she was the rich Miss Chetwynde. Perhaps everybody knew that Trafford had married her for her money, and was laughing at her contemptuously in their sleeves.Do not be frightened! he said, though he knew the injunction was useless; she would be overwhelmed with terror, horror, presently. Sheshe left Belfayre the night before last, oror early yesterday morning.


      Later on the cart arrived, then all was silent again. The day passed, the shades of evening began to fall upon the valley below as he sat and watched the white, lovely face.Three Star Camp? he repeated. You are a long way from there.


      Out in the mellow night a bird sang from the tip-top of a late-blooming orange tree, and inside, away inside, inside and through and through the poor girl's heart, the "years"--which really were nothing but the mantel clock's quarter-hours--"crept slowly by."


      The driver, startled for a moment, soon took in the turn of events, and snatching out his revolver, shot one of the men stationed at the leaders heads, and rushed for his companion, who turned and fled.