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      "Well ... get out!" he said thickly.

      The lover, after he has won his best girl's consent.

      "Ah," said Shorty, as he sat on a chunk of wood, pipe in mouth, and absorbed the warmth, "this is something like home and home comforts. It's more like white livin' than I've had since I've bin in the army. Let's act like men and Christians tomorrow, by not doin' a lick o' work o' any kind. Let's lay abed late, and then wash up all over, and go to hear the Chaplain preach."

      The clerk, after he has been admitted into partnership.

      "I said I'd come to see you before I set sail this morning," Riever went on brisklyand then came to a somewhat lame pause.

      "Hello, Si," said the Orderly of Co. Q, "yer ear's bleedin'. What hurt ye?"


      Si responded with alacrity when he was detailed for guard duty. He had walked a beat once or twice as a common tramp, and had not found it particularly pleasant, especially in stormy weather; but now he was a peg higher, and he thought as Corporal he would have a better time. He had already observed that the rude winds of army life were tempered, if not to the shorn lambs, at least to the officers, in a degree proportionate to their rank. The latter had the first pick of everything, and the men took what was left. The officers always got the softest rails to sleep on, the hardtack that was least tunneled through by the worms, the bacon that had the fewest maggots, and the biggest trees in a fight.


      "Dad! You mustn't. You don't know what you're doing!" she murmured, swaying.


      "Ah!" said Pen with a catch in her breath, "I dare not go any farther with you. It will be light in half an hour. Do you think you could carry everything the rest of the way?"