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      I will promise to let you have twenty butlers on the day she lunches with us, he said. Come, get out, Emmeline, and take care how you walk. Theres something gone to your head. It may be champagne or it may be the Princess. I suspect its the Princess, and youre intoxicated. Go indoors, and sleep it off, and let me find you sober at dinner-time. Take my arm.They went on deck soon after, and, sure enough, several whales were in sight. Every little while a column of spray was thrown into the air,[Pg 57] and indicated there was a whale beneath it.

      Outward bound.

      At any rate, it could only have been hours since they found their way into the hands of the murdered man. According to his letter, he had received 400 in gold--probably the result of some blackmailing transaction--after which he had hastened to turn them into banknotes for transmission, probably abroad.

      "What a lovely picture!" said the Doctor, as he waved his hand towards the receding shore.

      Now, the afternoon was very warm and very still. Where they stood the only sounds that could reach them were the slight crack of the batted ball, and the soft padding of the fielders.[Pg 15] That was why the thing that happened next could hardly be mistaken. It began by the strange figure suddenly putting both hands upon the top of the hurdle and raising himself up about an inch off the ground. He looked all at once enormously alive and vital. Light flashed in his eyes.

      "drop it," Balmayne said rudely. "What's the good of that theatrical nonsense? If something is not done at once our plans are utterly ruined. Don't stand there like a tragedy actress, but suggest something."Well, Ive never enjoyed an hours chat more, she said, as Keeling returned after seeing their guests off, and it seemed no more than five minutes. She was all affability, wasnt she, Alice? and so full of admiration for all mywhat did she call them? Some French word.


      Bruce smiled grimly. He knew perfectly well what a terrible significance lay behind these formal words. At the same time, he had no desire to take any advantage. There was an electric thrill in the audience as he was sworn. They thrilled with a deeper intensity as he proceeded. If ever a man stood up and committed moral and social suicide Dr. Gordon Bruce was that man at this moment.


      "Well, Lieutenant, if I were she, I should go straight into the Yankee lines behind Port Hudson. She's got Jewett's messages and his sword, and the Yank's won't know her as a Confederate any better than they ever did; for it's only these men whom we've captured who have found out she's Charlotte Oliver, or that she had any knowing part in General Austin's ruse."


      Well, you might like to know. My father was a great friend of his at one time. But he went off with another woman, deserting my mother. That was another reason why we have settled our affairs as we have settled them. I thought I would like to tell you that. We cant bring on others the misery they brought.