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      In the Hospital Leo XIII, that eager Netherlander, Professor Noyons, did all he could to save as many as could be saved of the wretched Belgian wounded; but as rain and cold had done so much harm to the wounds, amputation of the injured limbs was as a rule the only remedy left.189

      "Nearly all the men of the suburb Leffe were massacred165 en masse. In another quarter twelve citizens were murdered in a cellar. In the Rue en Ile a paralytic was shot in his bath-chair, and in the Rue d'Enfer a boy, fourteen years old, was struck down by a soldier.

      Who put the real ones there? Larry spoke abruptly in the astonished silence.

      The commercial value of professional or technical knowledge is generally as the amount of time, effort, and unpaid labour that has been devoted to its acquirement. This value is sometimes modified by the exclusiveness of some branch that has been made the object of special study. Exclusiveness is, however, becoming exceptional, as the secrets of manufacture and special knowledge are supplanted by the application of general principles; it is a kind of artificial protection thrown around certain branches of industry, and must soon disappear, as unjust to the public and unnecessary to success.

      "Well, all the Netherland papers have extensive official reports about it. The French are now at Namur and the British landed troops at Ostend...."

      I took the liberty to explain to the officer that the man did not understand him, and stated that he did not know me.Pneumatic machinery, aside from results due to the elasticity of air, is analogous in operation to hydraulic machinery.


      That might, or might not be true, Sandy reflected; but he maintained a careful guard over expression and speech.


      The fellow who flew with you in the seaplane isnt here, remarked Larry, quietly, and, after a glance around, he said: Neither is the yacht stewardess.I pulled them out: birth certificate, certificate of good conduct, foreign passport, and press-card, which were examined the one after the other.